By Luciana Lixandru and Zoe Hewitt on behalf of Team Sequoia

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Ledgy after leading their $10M Series A funding round.

The European tech ecosystem has been flourishing over the past few years. Founders have access to more talent and capital than ever before to pursue their dreams, but they are still stuck in spreadsheets to manage their cap tables and employee shareholdings.

As startup activity and VC funding continue to grow on the continent, it’s past time for European companies to have a modern equity management platform at their disposal.

With multiple jurisdictions…

By Shaun Maguire on behalf of Team Sequoia

Monad founders Christian Almenar and Jacolon Walker

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Christian Almenar, Jacolon Walker, and the team at Monad. We believe that Infrastructure is the next white space in cybersecurity and that Monad will serve as the bedrock there.

We’ve known we wanted to work with the Monad team for years. We first met Christian during the seed round for his last company, Intrinsic, which went on to be acquired by VMware. Christian has an insatiable curiosity, which could even be described as magnetic.

On New Year’s Day 2019, Christian and I…

By Shaun Maguire for Team Sequoia

In March, a group of pseudonymous developers behind the new social network BitClout sat frantically working to keep their blockchain platform running. A soft launch had gone viral and accidentally created demand before they were ready. Their founder, who goes by the name of Diamondhands, had devoted nearly two years to the project along with newer members of the team. Now, less than 48 hours after inviting a small group of acquaintances to try a beta version, it had spun out of their control. People with millions of Twitter followers had tweeted about BitClout…

By Jess Lee on behalf of Team Sequoia

Women’s health is a niche market.” “Isn’t pregnancy a solved problem?” “My wife wouldn’t use this.” “People don’t want to videochat with their doctors.” “How will you convince men to work for you?”

When Kate Ryder founded Maven in 2014, very few women’s and family health companies even existed — and she heard a litany of reasons from investors who didn’t want to back hers. But Kate kept at it. She knew, in part from personal experience, that her vision of a 24/7 digital clinic in patients’ pockets could be transformative. She…

As we launch our latest seed fund, Sequoia partners George Robson, Stephanie Zhan, Bogomil Balkansky, Shaun Maguire, Josephine Chen and Konstantine Buhler share what drives their passion for meeting seed-stage founders, what they look for in ideas and companies, and what to expect from initial conversations with Sequoia.

George Robson

What do you love about partnering with seed-stage founders?

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same is often true for companies. The seed stage is about creating something from nothing, against the odds — and in doing so, quickly answering tough questions about the market, your…

By Pat Grady on behalf of Team Sequoia

Our first memories of David Cancel and Elias Torres go back more than a decade. We’d just gotten into business with HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, who were doubling down on the “MoFu” part of their product — which dealt with the Middle of the marketing Funnel. David and Elias’ company at the time, Performable, had the best MoFu functionality in the market. If HubSpot acquired Performable, it would get that functionality and a bunch of engineers, and Performable would get the benefit of HubSpot’s thriving customer community.

As it…

By Ravi Gupta and Michelle Bailhe on behalf of Team Sequoia

We are excited to share that we have partnered with Fireblocks for their Series D.

At Sequoia, our mission is to help the daring build legendary companies. We partnered with Fireblocks because we believe that Founder Michael Shaulov and his world-class team are in the midst of building the “Shopify for crypto.”

For a slightly longer explanation of our rationale, we thought we would share an excerpt of our investment thesis from our internal memo:

“Crypto is important today and will only increase in importance over time. We are…

By Roelof Botha on behalf of Team Sequoia

A couple years ago, in the midst of Charlotte, North Carolina’s ongoing real-estate boom, a woman named Dow found a house she knew would be perfect for her, her partner Eric, and their 10-year-old son. But when she applied for a loan she got some heartbreaking news: her credit score wasn’t high enough to qualify for the loan they would need. As prices rose daily, she worried her longtime dream of homeownership was slipping away.

Then Dow heard about a company called Landis, launched by co-founders Cyril Berdugo and Tom Petit. She…

By Jess Lee and Alfred Lin on behalf of Team Sequoia

“There are just some people that you would hire on the spot, no matter the job. People that are unstoppable. That’s Helen.” — Dr. David Lawlor, surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital and Helen Mayer’s mentor in high school and college

When we first met Otter founder Helen Mayer last fall, she shared her vision of reinventing childcare via an ambitious strategy document. Just six months later, when we caught up again, that idea had leapt from paper to reality. A team of one, Helen had single-handedly matched 7000 families…

De Sonya Huang e Doug Leone

Há pouco mais de uma década, um jovem estudante brilhante de MBA em Stanford entrou nos escritórios da Sequoia em Sand Hill Road e expressou com entusiasmo a oportunidade para startups na América Latina. O aluno era David Vélez. Ficamos imediatamente impressionados com a presença, ambição e inteligência de David e o contratamos para traçar um caminho para a Sequoia na América Latina.

Tendo crescido na Colômbia, David compreendeu visceralmente a oportunidade na América Latina: embora a economia real estivesse repleta de problemas, a economia digital tinha um enorme potencial, apoiada por algumas das…


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