As we launch our latest seed fund, Sequoia partners George Robson, Stephanie Zhan, Bogomil Balkansky, Shaun Maguire, Josephine Chen and Konstantine Buhler share what drives their passion for meeting seed-stage founders, what they look for in ideas and companies, and what to expect from initial conversations with Sequoia.

What do…

By Pat Grady, Sonya Huang and Ravi Gupta on behalf of Team Sequoia

Amplitude CEO and Co-Founder Spenser Skates

“Don’t lower the bar on us,” Spenser growled, with a friendly smile on his face that did just enough to blunt the intensity in his voice.

We already loved Amplitude’s co-founder and CEO, but this was the…

Bill Coughran on behalf of Team Sequoia

Stairwell founder and CEO Mike Wiacek with members of the company’s Bay Area team.

In early 2010, while I was serving as SVP of Engineering for Google, the company took the unusual step of publicly sharing information about a recent hacking attempt. Earlier we had discovered the attack known today as “Operation Aurora,” which targeted several U.S…

By Luciana Lixandru and Zoe Hewitt on behalf of Team Sequoia

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Ledgy after leading their $10M Series A funding round.

The European tech ecosystem has been flourishing over the past few years. Founders have access to more talent and capital than ever before…

By Pat Grady on behalf of Team Sequoia

Our first memories of David Cancel and Elias Torres go back more than a decade. We’d just gotten into business with HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, who were doubling down on the “MoFu” part of their product — which dealt…

By Shaun Maguire on behalf of Team Sequoia

Monad founders Christian Almenar and Jacolon Walker

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Christian Almenar, Jacolon Walker, and the team at Monad. We believe that Infrastructure is the next white space in cybersecurity and that Monad will serve as the bedrock there.

We’ve known we…

By Shaun Maguire for Team Sequoia

Update — 9/23/21
On 9/21/21, BitClout announced the following changes: Previously the BitClout name applied both to an application and to the blockchain on which the application runs. The blockchain has been renamed DeSo (short for “decentralized social”) and its associated currency renamed from $CLOUT…

By Jess Lee on behalf of Team Sequoia

Women’s health is a niche market.” “Isn’t pregnancy a solved problem?” “My wife wouldn’t use this.” “People don’t want to videochat with their doctors.” “How will you convince men to work for you?”

When Kate Ryder founded Maven in 2014, very few…

By Ravi Gupta and Michelle Bailhe on behalf of Team Sequoia

We are excited to share that we have partnered with Fireblocks for their Series D.

At Sequoia, our mission is to help the daring build legendary companies. We partnered with Fireblocks because we believe that Founder Michael Shaulov and…

By Roelof Botha on behalf of Team Sequoia

A couple years ago, in the midst of Charlotte, North Carolina’s ongoing real-estate boom, a woman named Dow found a house she knew would be perfect for her, her partner Eric, and their 10-year-old son. But when she applied for a loan…


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